Thermo Adhesive

Thermo Adhesive

  • $2.99
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  • Type: Appliqué/Patch Adhesive
  • Width (In): 14 Inches
  • Length (In): 12 Inches
  • Pressing Temperature: 350°F/177°C
  • Pressing Time: 
  • Pressure: Medium
  • Peel: Cold

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Create custom appliqué designs.

Thermo-Adhesive features a patented adhesive that can be applied to uncoated twill or cotton material to make professional-looking patches, emblems, and appliqué.
*This adhesive is 14" inches wide and sold by the foot.  If multiple feet are ordered you will receive a continuous piece, not individual sheets.
  • For fabrics that do not have adhesive coatings
  • CPSIA Certified


Need extra adhesion?  Use 2 layers of Thermo Adhesive for extra strength.
If using material that tends to fray, edges should be sewn with a zig-zag stitch after applying the adhesive.

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